Bank Of Doge is building a “nothing token” for smart degenerates

Our plan is simple. Market, Market, Market until everyone is talking about us.

We want to make money for our members, we are not trying to change the world. We are trying to spend an absurd amount of money getting everyone to know about us and invest in our plan to keep pumping our project.

This is our white paper =

Pump the project like hell

How many projects are out there with a so called plan? How many of them actually do anything? One of the traps of the “smart” is thinking that 99% of the projects are not straight lying because they have a “white paper”. We are going to be brutally honest. We are here to make MONEY.

Now sell your house, put it in the Bank of Doge, and maybe, just maybe, you would never have to work again.
Don’t be a dumb-ass, this is clearly not financial advice 🙂

The Token & Tokenomics

5% Marketing and Development
3% Liquidity
2% Yeild
Transaction Taxes: 10% on buys and 10% on sells.

Low tax to keep liquidity pool at an excellent ratio with market cap.

100% allocated to presale and liquidity. This is a community owned project.

1,000,000,000 $Bankofdoge

No team tokens.

Coming Soon


Phase One

Phase Two

Phase Three

This is as far as we are willing to envision on a road map for now. The rest would be decided by a community voting protocol. Also the maybes are suggestions that the community would have to decide on when the time comes.

Community Information and Token Address

This are our only socials


This the Token Address for Bank of Doge.
(Be careful, really)


We are not. We are literally the same as every other meme project. Perhaps the only distinguishing factor is our ambition and our brutal honesty. We want to be big and we would do all that it takes to get there.

I don’t know. What do you mean? Would your money go up? We hope so, that is where all our effort is channelled. Would you be rugged? Literally impossible, but hey, never say never right. We have an audit in the works so that is highly unlikely. (We kid, your fund is SAFU :))

The presale will be held on PinkSale. Afterwards it would be available for purchase on PancakeSwap.

Look. We want smart degenerates, not degenerates. The answer to this is literally a few lines up on the website. Here you go however- 10% transaction tax. 4% redistributed. 3% for marketing. 3% for liquidity. See a solid project. Now go sell your car and ape in. (Not financial advice! :))